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Case Studies

Medical conditions approved and covered by insurances for hyperbaric oxygen therapy currently are progressing as new developments are made in both clinical and academic settings.

Since hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been clinically proven to enhance tissue regeneration, heal chronic wounds and increase the efficacy of prescribed surgical and antibiotic treatments, many specialties are adding hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help achieve the best possible outcomes for patients. These specialties include orthopedic surgery, oncology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, otolaryngology (ENT), oral-maxiollofacial surgery, wound care, infectious disease, and podiatry.

Unfortunately, a challenge in the field of hyperbaric medicine is that controlled studies are virtually impossible since so many variables exist in each patient case. Also, securing funds to undertake rigorous clinical studies is difficult because hyperbaric oxygen therapy can’t be patented like a new drug.

At HyOx Medical Treatment Center, we carefully track the healing progress of our patients for the benefit our patients, practice, the referring physician and additional caregivers. Our case studies used in patient progress notes show the healing progression and efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in patients who comply with our prescribed evidence-based treatment regimen.

The following individualized case studies provide a chronicle of HyOx’s treatment protocols for various indications and the clinical outcomes.

Failure of Flap—Lip

Failure of Flap—Nose

Soft Tissue Radionecrosis of the Left Breast