HyOx Medical Treatment Center

Atlanta HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY medical treatment centers help accelerate the body’s ability to heal.


Delivering hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Atlanta (Marietta) and Gwinnett.

HyOx Medical Treatment Center, the only Atlanta hyperbaric medicine facility accredited “with distinction” by the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society, specializes in hyperbaric oxygen therapy – delivering 100 percent oxygen under pressure to help heal wounds from infection, injury or disease.   HyOx treats approved, evidence-based medical conditions which are covered by insurances, including chronic diabetic lower extremity wounds, bone and soft tissue infections and the delayed effects of radiation therapy.

With two Atlanta hyperbaric medicine locations in NW Atlanta (Marietta) and Gwinnett, HyOx Medical Treatment Center provides adjunctive hyperbaric oxygen therapy, wound care and other services in comfortable and caring environments. 









HyOx cares for patients with a highly skilled team of board certified physicians, certified hyperbaric registered nurses, certified hyperbaric technicians, respiratory therapists,  nutritionists, wound care specialists, and a clinical social worker.

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