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Delivering hyperbaric oxygen therapy and rehabilitation services to advance wound healing, optimize patient outcomes and improve quality of life


“My lower extremities would not heal after suffering 3rd– and 4th-degree burns. Plastic surgery failed and four years later bone infection occurred, causing non-healing wounds in my right leg. By the end of my HyOx treatments, my wounds had healed.”
M. Fox
Extreme Burn Patient

“Hyperbaric oxygen therapy at HyOx was the best option my doctor gave me to treat bleeding after prostate cancer. I had a very positive experience, good clinical results, and made lasting friendships with my fellow tank buddies.”
Robert D.
Prostate Cancer Patient

“My oral surgeon referred me to HyOx during my bout with throat cancer. Hyperbaric oxygen helped decrease the exposed mandible prior to and after oral surgery.”
Jane B.
Throat Cancer Patient

“I couldn’t imagine being treated in a single chamber. The camaraderie other patients and I developed in the multi-patient chamber was a built-in support group.”
John W.
Osteomyelitis Patient

“My husband has had over 50 dives to assist his oral surgery resulting from throat cancer. I have accompanied him to all visits and have been impressed with the whole HyOx team. Everyone is very professional, friendly, and helpful to both the patients and those accompanying them. My many questions have always been answered, and the administrative staff has supplied valuable information.”
Felicia L.
Spouse of Throat Cancer Patient

“The synergy between the services provided by HyOx and our center’s aggressive wound care has resulted in enhanced wound healing and, in some cases, limb salvage. The hyperbaric team has proved invaluable to our patients and staff.”
Kim Posten, RN, Director
The Wound Treatment Center, Newnan Hospital

“I frequently use hyperbaric medicine for foot wounds that are struggling. The HyOx staff has always been accommodating, professional, and caring toward my patients and me. They provide a terrific service in an outstanding setting.”
Dr. Gary M. Rothenberg, DPM, CDE