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Who We Are

Patient InformationWhether you’re a current patient, a potential patient, or the loved one of a person who may benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy, HyOx is here to make your experience positive and to help restore healing and hope to your life. Your personal needs are always a priority at HyOx.

The two Atlanta hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilities of HyOx Medical Treatment Center specialize in hyperbaric medicine and wound care.   Our full-service facility treats patients with an integrated and personalized approach to medicine providing:

Who We Serve

HyOx provides a unique experience based upon highly personalized treatment plans and an ongoing relationship with patients and their families. The HyOx team delivers hyperbaric oxygen therapy to patients with various conditions, including:

HyOx provides a comfortable, positive experience with a high success rate. HyOx’s services are covered by all major insurance carriers, Medicare, TriCare, Workers Compensation and other medical payment providers.

The HyOx Advantage — Healing, Hope, and Freedom

Patients are served by a highly trained and skilled team of board-certified physicians, certified hyperbaric registered nurses, certified wound specialists, physical and respiratory therapists, paramedics, and certified hyperbaric technicians to assure the best care and supervision.

HyOx’s medical team works collaboratively with other clinicians caring for the patient so that the hyperbaric treatments are coordinated with any other therapies. Our patients receive a positive experience throughout their treatment course, and follow-up care is provided to enable a total healing process in their lives.

HyOx delivers best-in-class hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Georgia’s largest multi-patient hyperbaric chambers. Patients prefer our facility’s chamber because of the following advantages:

How to Work With Us

Commonly, primary care physicians and specialists including radiation oncologists, urologists, infections disease physicians, podiatrists, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, and orthopedic surgeons, make patient referrals for hyperbaric oxygen therapy at  HyOx Medical Treatment Center.   However, patients may contact us directly to schedule an initial consultation  if you have a condition that may benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. HyOx’s services are covered by all major insurance carriers, Medicare, TriCare, Workers Compensation and many other medical payment providers. For more information, contact us at 678-303-3200.