Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Success Stories


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has proven to reduce pain, accelerate healing and improve the quality of life for cancer patients experiencing complications from radiation treatment. Following are a few patient examples.

Healing Wounds and Emotions

A 48-year-old breast cancer patient was successfully treated with radiation and chemotherapy. She later opted to have reconstructive breast surgery, with a procedure that pulls muscle from the abdomen to the breast area. The surgery left her with two wounds — one on her breast and one on her abdomen that failed to heal and became necrotic (dead tissue cells). After seeking treatment at a local wound care center, the patient completed 33 hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions. Her wounds have fully healed and more than a year later, the patient suffers no complications. She now enjoys time with her grandchildren.

Getting Back to an Active Life

A 52-year-old teacher and mouth cancer survivor needed teeth pulled after successful completion of a glossectomy (surgical removal of part of the tongue) and radiation therapy. The patient had 21 hyperbaric oxygen treatments prior to the tooth removal and 17 treatments after the procedure. Initially concerned about undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the patient is now one of its biggest fans. She developed close friendships with other patients being treated in the chamber and attends a monthly reunion lunch with her fellow “tank buddies.” Soon after completing her hyperbaric oxygen treatments, the teacher returned to her classroom, and a year later continues feeling well.

Restoring an Active, Pain-Free Life

Within 2 years after completing a course of radiation treatment for prostate cancer, the 76-year-old patient was experiencing excruciating pain that limited his ability to work or travel even short distances via car or airplane. Increasing doses of pain medication and repeated pain management treatments were unsuccessful. The patient received 41 hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments in a 3-month timeframe. He experienced significant improvement in his condition after 30 treatments and was totally pain free at the end of his treatment course. The patient has remained pain free for nearly 4 years and remains active in running his own business and traveling across the country.

Helping a Survivor Enjoy Life

A 60-year-old patient with recurrent breast cancer underwent radiation and chemotherapy, eventually undergoing a mastectomy that included a skin graft. The graft failed to help the wound from surgery heal and had begun to fall apart. The patient completed 22 hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions followed by an Apligraf (bio-engineered skin graft) and eight more hyperbaric oxygen treatments. After breast reconstruction, the patient received further wound care and 17 additional treatments. The patient’s reconstructive surgery, which included reconstruction of the areola and nipple was highly successful. She returned to work shortly after treatment and now leads a highly active life and considers herself a survivor.

Patients described above were treated by Dr. Richard W. King, Jr. at HyOx Medical Treatment Center in Marietta, Georgia. For more information on the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, visit www.hyox.com or call 678-303-3200.