Chronic Osteomyelitis – Left Foot 1


The patient, a 49-year-old black male, was presented to HyOx with chronic osteomyelitis of the 4th toe.  The patient had an infected toenail removed.  Post-operatively, he was noted to have increasing pain and difficulty.  He was treated with antibiotics and referred on to a vascular surgeon who found a 75% occlusion of the left anterior tibial artery. He also discovered the patient was having some embolization of the left 4th toe digital arteries. He continued to have difficulty and was referred to HyOx for the more acute ischemia that occurred. The patient had what appeared to be bone exposure of the distal phalanx.  The patient has shown poor compliance and received 16 hyperbaric treatments.  End Result:  The patient continued to go on to heal well and went back at work.