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Our Hyperbaric Chamber

The HyOx Difference: Our Atlanta hyperbaric oxygen treatment centers feature large multi-patient chambers providing more safety and comfort to our patients along with the peace of mind of a certified hyperbaric physician, nurse or technician going along for the “dive.”

HyOx features multi-patient chambers at its two medical facilities in NE Atlanta (Marietta) and Gwinnett.  The chambers are the largest in Georgia (treating as many as 12 people at a time) and are 31 feet long and 9 feet wide allowing for comfort and movement in a non-claustrophobic treatment environment.  They are engineered by Gulf Coast Hyperbarics in Florida whose clients include NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston and other distinguished healthcare facilities.     

HyOx features multi-patient hyperbaric chambers in its two hyperbaric medicine facilities in NE Atlanta (Marietta) and Gwinnett

Treatment environment and comfort are key when undergoing a hyperbaric oxygen treatment protocol for conditions treated including problem wounds, chronic conditions or the delayed effects of radiation injury. We have staff inside the chamber for each treatment or “dive” to assist in case of an emergency or with medications or wound vacs. Also, patients sit in comfortable chairs and can read or watch movies during treatment. The chamber has a bathroom (unlike the monoplace chambers) and room for patients who need to remain reclined in a hospital bed.

In single patient or monoplace chamber, common in the Atlanta area, the chamber has to be depressurized before medical personnel can access a patient in case of an emergency. Patients also have to be lying down.

Example of a monoplace chamber

At HyOx, patients are treated at a pressurized depth equivalent of 45 feet below sea level (or 2.4 ATM) in its multi-patient chambers resulting in a 10 to 15 fold increase in tissue oxygen content to promote and accelerate healing along with traditional wound therapy for approved, evidence-based medical conditions.

HyOx’s hyperbaric chambers are inspected regularly and adhere to stringent operating safety standards.