Soft Tissue Necrosis – Abdomen


The patient, a 47 year-old white female, was presented to HyOx with slowly progressive necrotizing soft tissue infection of the abdomen with MRSA.  The patient had an incisional abdominal hernia and on 1/26/04 underwent repair of this area along with cholecystectomy. She had difficulty healing and was noted to have infection in the area and on 3/25/04 she went back to the hospital to undergo removal of the abscesses under the mesh.  She continued to have difficulty with the abdomen with drainage and infection despite being on antibiotics.  The patient participated in 69 hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments from 4/29/05 through 10/10/05, over 164 days.  End Result:  Despite the patient’s lack of compliance, laceration to the abdominal wound was resolved.  The wound was showing good granulation tissue and decreased in size, yet was not closed at time of discharge.