Head and Neck Cancers


Prophylactic pre- and post-treatment for dental surgery of a radiated jaw

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is growing in its usage in treating radiation injury. It’s delivered prior to dental extractions from heavily irradiated mandibles (jaws) and additional treatments are administered post-surgery to help support tissue metabolic demands in the healing process. The most common post-surgical hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment is for maxillofacial osteoradionecrosis and osteomyelitis, which results in damage to the jawbone and tissues due to radiotherapy for cancer in the head and neck. The treatment also has shown to support dental implants in radiated tissues.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy works to prevent radiation injury when the likelihood of complications from surgery is very high. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides a better healing environment and can also lead to growth of many new blood vessels (revascularization) around injured tissue, which can affect limb extremities.