HyOx Medical Treatment Center Background Information


About Our Company

HyOx Medical Treatment Center is a comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facility specializing in hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  HyOx opened its doors in Marietta, GA in 1999 with the mission of providing patient-centered rehabilitative care through hyperbaric oxygen therapy, respiratory therapy, physical therapy and complementary services, including counseling, education and social services. In 2010, HyOx opened its second facility in Gwinnett on the Gwinnett Medical Center – Lawrenceville campus.

HyOx is associated with the leading medical and professional organizations devoted to hyperbaric medicine and wound care, including:

The HyOx team delivers hyperbaric oxygen treatments or “dives” for various conditions, ranging from diabetes-related non-healing wounds and crush injuries to carbon monoxide poisoning and soft tissue damage from radiation.  Board-certified physicians are available on site to supervise patient care and treatment schedules.  Treatments are prescribed based upon the directives of the referring physician and the results of a comprehensive hyperbaric medicine consultation and evaluation.

About Our Services

Clinical excellence in hyperbaric oxygen therapy has made HyOx a highly recommended adjunctive rehabilitation center for patients with injuries, poisonings or disease in metro Atlanta and the Southeast.

Our team treats patients with an integrated and personalized approach to medicine, providing:

About Our Team

The HyOx team is composed of two board certified physicians and other healthcare professionals with decades of experience in hyperbaric medicine and technology, rehabilitative therapy, patient care, healthcare management and advocacy.

HyOx offers a unique patient experience based upon highly personalized treatment plans and an ongoing relationship with patients and their families.  Patients receive a positive, consistent experience during their treatment course and follow-up care is provided to facilitate a total healing process.

HyOx’s medical team works in concert with other clinicians caring for the patient so that the hyperbaric treatments are coordinated with any other therapies.  Throughout the course of treatment, regular progress reports are sent to the patient’s other physicians, including photographs documenting the patient’s healing progress.

For more information on the HyOx team, please visit the Meet Our Team page.

About Our Facility

HyOx is one of the United States’ first clinical hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilities to achieve accreditation from the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS), the field’s protocol and standard-setting organization.

A hyperbaric chamber, also known as a recompression chamber, is used to deliver oxygen to patients at greater than atmospheric pressure.  The HyOx hyperbaric chamber is 9 feet in diameter and 31 feet long.  During each hyperbaric treatment, patients are accompanied by medical personnel and are free to read, listen to their favorite CD, watch a movie and enjoy refreshments.

Advantages of HyOx’s facility include: