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Whether you’re a referring physician, current patient, potential patient or the loved one of a person who may benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the expert staff at HyOx Medical Treatment Center is here to provide you with a positive experience and to help restore healing and hope. Each patient’s individual needs are always a priority at HyOx.

Located in NW Atlanta (Marietta) and Gwinnett, the two full-service hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilities specialize in hyperbaric medicine and wound care. HyOx treats patients with an integrated and personalized approach to medicine providing:

NW Atlanta


The core specialty is hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a medical treatment in which a patient breathes 100 percent oxygen intermittently while inside a pressurized hyperbaric chamber to promote healing in chronic wounds from injury, disease or infection.

Administering thousands of hyperbaric oxygen treatments to patients with approved and covered evidence-based medical conditions annually, HyOx serves patients throughout Atlanta, Georgia and the Southeast. Used as an adjunctive therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can:

The HyOx Advantage

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy at HyOx’s Atlanta hyperbaric facilities is delivered by a highly trained and skilled medical team with a high clinical success rate, to ensure quality care and supervision. Featuring two board-certified Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine physicians, certified hyperbaric registered nurses, certified wound specialists, and certified hyperbaric technicians, HyOx works collaboratively with the patient’s referring physician to coordinate hyperbaric oxygen treatments with other treatment modalities and/or surgery.

HyOx delivers best-in-class hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Georgia’s largest multi-patient hyperbaric chambers. Patients prefer our facility’s chamber because of the following advantages:

HyOx’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy services and rehabilitative medicine services are covered by all major health plans, Medicare, TriCare, Workers Compensation and other insurers.

How to Work With Us

Commonly, primary care physicians and specialists including radiation oncologists, urologists, infectious disease physicians, podiatrists, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, and orthopedic surgeons, make patient referrals for hyperbaric oxygen therapy at HyOx Medical Treatment Center. However, patients may contact us directly to schedule an initial consultation if you have a condition that may benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. For more information, contact us at 678-303-3200.

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